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pic: @ER24EMS

Linkin Park Fans Dies Following Cape Town Show Scaffolding Collapse

 Girl killed in promo scaffolding structure collapse outside Linkin Park Concert in Cape Town yesterday

Shortly after a Lucozade promo scaffolding structure collapsed onto alleged Linkin Park concert goers outside the Green Point Stadium yesterday in Cape Town, word broke out into a frenzy on Twitter. Naturally with hundreds of people at the scene of the accident, people provided updates to what appeared to have happened and what was being done to help those caught in the path of the structure as it fell. Many who were and weren't there at the time, voiced their concerns and hopes that those who had been involved in the accident were going to be okay.It is deeply saddening to say that one person out of the twenty people involved has passed away this evening due to her injuries. Little more is known at this stage regarding the victim, however my thoughts and prays are with her family for their loss due to this tragic accident which was expected to be nothing more dangerous than going to your average rock concert. I certainly hope that the others involved are going to be fine and make a speedy recovery.The incident occured where a promo advertising scaffolding structure erected outside the stadium, blew over due to strong winds and fell onto people walking passed. Emergency services, ER24 EMS reported that 20 people in total were injured and at one stage 6 people were in a serious condition, its sad to hear that at least one persons injuries were so severe, that they proved fatal.Pictures were posted on Twitter showing the structure that had fallen and you can see from its size that it wasn't a small structure at all.

pic: @ER24EMS

About an hour ago, after the show, Linkin Park posted the following statement on the official Linkin Park Facebook PageAlthough the guys are in no way affiliated with those responsible for the structure, the reason the person was there at the time was because she was going to the concert, so I think its pretty good of the guys to release a statement showing a great level of sympathy. Trust me, there are those out there who wouldn't even acknowledge something like this, so good on you guys... coming from myself, another huge Linkin Park fan.The event organisers Big Concerts also released the following statement on their Facebook PageLucozade SA did tweet (they don't appear to have an FB page) their concerns earlier, however I can't seem to find the tweet now, and they have limited their Twitter Profile possibly following the announcement that the girl had passed away. I did see it with my own eyes earlier so I can fully vouch that they did voice their concerns to the victims involved. I guess in this case although it was the brands advert, if anyone is really to blame, its really down to those who erected the structure and who ultimately decided to place it where it was, as it was obviously unprotected from strong winds that we all know too well in Cape Town. Last week as I pulled up to a robot in Loop Street a massive piece of corrugated iron became fully airborne after it blew off a construction site on the corner and slammed straight into the back of a Datsun bakkie, luckily it hit the bakkie as I was directly in its path adjacent to the site parked waiting for the light to go green. I sped off out of there very quickly! I kaked myself!... But those responsible for making sure a structure such as that was safely grounded to withstand such high winds, have obviously got a lot to answer to now.Once again, condolences to the family of the girl who lost her life yesterday and a great thanks to the emergency services who reacted quickly and swiftly to try save those who had fallen victim to the accident.Very sad when what was meant to be an awesome evening is marred by such a tragedy.

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