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London Metro Newspaper Spell Madiba’s Name Wrong!

Did you notice this in the Metro this morning? The London Metro Newspaper spelt Nelson Mandela's name wrong… In big bold letters… FAIL!

I don't normally pick up a Metro these days because I roll with my iPad 3, which gives me the entire interweb at my finger tips during my commute to Canary Wharf from Wimbledon every morning, however my good friend Sean did notice something blatantly incorrect in the article covering Madiba's birthday yesterday…

Take a look as see if you can spot it… You've got 3 seconds… If you don't see it, then you seriously need to go to SpecSavers!


So who the hell is Mandiba?

Great to see that little South African school children can spell better than certain journalists and editors at the London Metro… Check the kids' banner :) that makes it even more of a fail, they even published a picture with the correct spelling…

Haha :) shame… Clearly no proof reading going on at the Metro :)

[Thanks Sean]

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