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London Tube Strike Woes

As all you Saffa Londoners very well know, we had yet another Tube Strike this last week. London was once again disrupted and inconvenienced not to mention, it probably cost the capital enough dosh to finance a small country for a week. So what was the problem this time?

Well apparently it was over 800 job cuts to ticket office staff and another group moaning about wages... as usual. Now you’re probably thinking, fair enough, people don’t want to lose their jobs over automatic ticket machines etc, but then you’ve got to ask yourself, what day and age do we live in? Technology is making our lives easier and it has been for centuries now, this does cost jobs since in many cases, a computer can do the job of ten people in half the time, so why not? Back in the day in the financial sector, you had hundreds of traders shouting in the pits, that doesn't exist any more due to electronic trading. The fact of the matter is, technology is moving forward whether you like it or not, nobody is going to stop it, because that's the way it is....  That is of course if we get to the stage of 'The Matrix' and your name just happens to be Neo 🙂

People become redundant in various ways but they move on and quite possibly do the same sort of thing elsewhere. In case you hadn't noticed, we had a recession recently where thousands of people lost their jobs, there were no riots or strikes, obviously because most people didn't belong to a archaic union behind them fronted by a very well paid union boss like that knob cheese Bob Crow. People moved on into other jobs in the same profession or something completely different that they found that better suited them. I really don’t think there’s much of a difference in skill between a ticket office person and a cashier at your local supermarket, its definately not something you do a university degree in. As for those people moaning about their wages, these were from Alstom-Metro depots, the company that builds and maintains trains. In other words, many who have skills that can very well be used in many other industries, so if you are gonna bitch about money, then do what everyone else does... get another job, because there's a million other people with the skills who'll more than happily do your job for the same salary. It just seems all a bit too easy to get a job that is connected to the rail unions in order to go on strike when you're running short of cash. 

Luckily I wasn’t effected too much since I take the overland and Waterloo and City Line, but millions of others weren’t so lucky, not to mention the knock on effect of missing a flights etc. It’s all a bit too ridiculously old school and people need to start living in the now. These idiots don't realise that they simply cannot shutdown a system which is a critical part of our society that effects everybody, not just themselves, when they feel like. I'm not talking about me having to walk an extra 10mins to the office, but I'd like to see Bob Crow answer to the guy that missed the birth of his first child, or the person that didn't make it to say their last good-byes at the death bed of a loved one, or the person that died in the ambulance because they couldn't make it to the hospital on time due to the traffic, these are real problems that realistically affect people without a second chance that could have been avoided, not just a temporary problem where some slapgat can't get off his arse and be the master of his fate. David Cameron's father passed away this week, can you imagine if he couldn't make it to the airport quick enough to get to him because of the traffic or something, unions would be banned tomorrow. I can’t wait for the day that the entire underground is driverless and runs regardless. Did you know in France, they have so many strikes that they have a complete backup service that greatly decreases the impact on the public, something TFL should maybe look into ey... 

Don't even get me started on the strikes in SA...

ok, take a deep breath now Marky... moosa! 🙂

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