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“Made In Durban” Episode One Has Landed [video]

The first instalment of "Made In Durban" has just dropped, trust me you're for a bit of a giggle at this…

Made In Durban is a brand new "reality series" that takes a look into the lives of four rather unique, or not so unique individuals living in South West London with one thing in common…Durban. Jamie Small, Craig Delport, Gabz Delport and of course Rodge The Dodge talk Rugby, The Slug and the little bit in-between. 

And jussis do these laaitjies reckon they know it all ey bru… hectic! :)

Check out the first episode entitled, "Cane 'n Creme Soda"

Enjoy :)

Who knows, maybe you'll check Wimbledon's Favourite South African Son, Marky Mark and his suped up Black Mamba with kiff 18" mags in a future episode :)

Make sure you schmaak the Made In Durban Facebook Page to check future episodes as they get released :)

Have something to say about this? Tjoon it in the comments below bru!

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