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“Made In Durban” Episode One Has Landed [video]

The first instalment of "Made In Durban" has just dropped, trust me you're for a bit of a giggle at this…

Made In Durban is a brand new "reality series" that takes a look into the lives of four rather unique, or not so unique individuals living in South West London with one thing in common…Durban. , , and of course talk Rugby, The and the little bit in-between. 

And jussis do these laaitjies reckon they know it all ey bru… hectic! 🙂

Check out the first episode entitled, "Cane 'n Creme Soda"

Enjoy 🙂

Who knows, maybe you'll check Wimbledon's Favourite Son, Marky Mark and his suped up Black Mamba with kiff 18" mags in a future episode 🙂

Make sure you schmaak the Made In Durban Facebook Page to check future episodes as they get released 🙂


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