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Man Inserts Milk Bottle Up His Bum… To Relieve Constipation… Seriously…

You know, some people do some stupid things... this dude went and shoved a milk bottle up his arse, and it wasn't for "shits and giggles" either!

If you were feeling a little constipated, what is the first thing you're probably going to do? Take a couple Brooklax tablets perhaps to sort that shit right out? 

It seems in China they've never heard of laxatives and believe by inserting objects like milk bottles where the sun don't shine, may actually relieve the problem... I would have thought this would have just added to the "pressure"... but one man in China threw common sense aside and attempted the bottle trick.

Unfortunately he pushed it in a little too far and couldn't get it out which required a little visit to the hospital to have it removed.

I could just imagine the conversation at the front desk:

Nurse: what appears to be the problem?

Man: Um, I have a milk bottle in my um...ass...

The dude must have really been walking like John Wayne

Check out the X-Ray...

Eish, really now, that's got to have hurt bigtime, check the size of that thing, how the hell did he get it up there in the first without, (in the immortal words of my old hostel superintendent) "rip the ring out of it!"?

Wonder if he tried a plunger at first? 🙂

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