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Marky Mark Does Cape Town… Again

Marky Mark pays Cape Town a little visit once again to stir things up a bit thanks to Playboy SA... this is how it all went down

Whenever I hear that I'm off for a little shindig in Cape Town I get as excited as a girl who's about to try out her turbo charged dildo for the first time, why? Because I frickin love the place (just not their Rugby team of course 🙂 ) Every time I go to Cape Town, it involves nothing short of pure epic awesomeness, and a lot to write home about. Cape Town is where its all happening people, no word of a lie right...

The trip itself was the concoction of Playboy SA following their support of the Bryce Lawrence petition, they got me down there for a little meet and greet which I'm massively grateful for, and trust me, Playboy don't play, they put me up in the Dolphin Beach Hotel which has some of the best views of Cape Town that money can buy. On Tuesday night I was treated to dinner at Baia Seafood Restaurant at the V&A with Playboy SA and to mention, Yolandi Malherbe, July Playmate of the Month, later we went out to a jol that I can never remember the name, but had a brief chat with my boi Herchelle Gibbs. Wednesday morning I dashed over to the Playboy office and was handed my full back catalog of Playboy with a signed copy of the first edition by Tracy McGregor. When I head back to London I'm gonna place all the issues on top of all my stuff in my bag and can't wait to see the look on the customs official's face if they open it 🙂

Me been my usual spontaneous self, decided to round up a few of my fellow bloggers for a little shindig at the wicked little spot that is, &Union along with one of my lifelong friends that I hadn't seen in about 15 years, Quintin Lavery, who just happens to be a movie director who's finishing up a movie as we speak called "Casting Me" which I'm gonna tell you all about pretty soon, and it stars none other that the legend that is... Snoddie! It was great to meet all the guys in person finally, guys I've spoken with via Twitter, email and the likes for months. Check this pic... these guys together can only mean bad news 🙂

That's Life Is Savage on the left, My City By Night next to him, yours truly and Sean Lloyd from SLXS. It was awesome to meet the boys, Life Is Savage and I have been tjooning what what for a while now and huge respect to him as his blog is a personal favourite, and as for Sean Lloyd, I've been wanting to meet him for quite some time as he's been a Cape Town blogger for years and years, kinda like the 1st generation boys who I've got a huge amount of respect for.

Myself and Quintin quickly dashed over to the 2OceansVibe compound to join Snoddie on the Bro Show on 2OceansVibe Radio where I spotted the TBG on the couch, I had to get a shot, check it out 🙂

September Playmate Jade Fairbrother was also there doing what she does best, getting boys excited, legend doll. After that myself, Snoddie and Jade carried on the vibe back at &Union. Unfortunately my boi Nash was missing in action that night which was a bit of a bummer as it would have been wicked to smash a few back with him again.

On Thursday morning there was no time for a lie in as it was time for a little meet and greet with Seth Rotherham and SilverStreak from 2OceansVibe, was wicked to finally park off and have a chat that wasn't typed up or fed via digital circuits, after all as a lot of you already know, 2OceansVibe is what inspired me to turn PharSide into a blog in the first place. Later that morning I returned the wounded mule of a rental car, a 1.4 automatic VW Polo., a far cry from The Black Mamba, then it was on a plane back to Durbs... where its WARMER! 🙂 Cape Town wasn't kind to me weather wise, I didn't pack a hoodie...

Not bad for a two day stint... Well done chaps!

I'll leave you with this pic of Snoddie and his Super Sexy Titty Tache

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