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Marky Mark Jumps Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

I finally got to do it... on a recent two week holiday to SA, I finally had my chance to take a little step off the top of Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban... attached to a piece of string of course 🙂

You may remember about a year ago how gutted I was when I got back to London to find out about the Big Swing at Moses Mabhida Stadium that my friend Andy Brown had the pleasure of experiencing... 

Well a couple weeks ago I was in Durban, and one of the things at the very top of my list of activities was to take a ride down to Moses Mabhida Stadium and have a go on their little swing thingy, and this is how it went down.

I pulled in at the Big Rush Urban Adrenalin shop which is the last shop on the south end of the stadium, just passed the new Virgin Active gym at about 1pm on the Friday afternoon, I signed the usual indemnity form and handed over the R545 (about £50) and another optional R150 for the DVD. I then got fitted with my ball crushing body harness (clearly designed by a woman haha ) and then was taken through a quick practice jump procedure. Myself and the group of 10 people which I believe was a company field trip then took a walk around to the base of the massive arch that runs over the stadium. We then proceeded to climb up the stairway that runs over the arch... let me just tell you that this wasn't an easy task, although I think being a ridiculously unfit smoker may have had something to do with it. My legs were absolutely aching by the time I got to the top. So when we eventually got to the top it was four guys then a girl and then moi. The first two guys got onto the platform after climbing down the ladder which I'll add is quite an experience in itself because on the right side of the ladder there is nothing but a 106m drop. As we watched the first guy go it all became a chilling reality. In an instant, the two guys in front that hadn't climbed down the ladder yet, chickened out completely... shame. So next up was the girl in front of me who understandably refused until more guys had gone before her, so guess who was next? 🙂 There was no ways I was bailing out of this, I'd waited a long time to do it and I'll paid my bucks so there was no turning back.

I managed to slowly climb down the ladder and get on to the platform which is basically a metal grid with one railing on the back for you to hold on for dear life. You know I never had a fear of heights when I was at school, I used to slide down the outside gutter pipes from the fourth floor of the school building without even thinking about it... but up there I realised just of what a fear of heights I now had, because shit did I only hold onto that fricken railing. So next up it was me, as I watched the dude grab the main jump line from the winch I knew this was really happening now. The two guys stood either side of me clipping me to the main line and the secondary safety line which is sewn into the main line and they then got me to grab the main line with both hands. I must admit this entire procedure happens within seconds and before you know it the guys are saying to me to move towards the edge.... the only thing thing thats going through you mind at this stage is the words "FUCK!" and "have these guys really tied me on correctly?" strangely enough though, when they shouted the count down, there was absolutely no hesitation at all, I just stepped off. 

The next 2-3 seconds are quite a blur, all you see is the ground approaching at a rapid pace and the loud sound of wind rushing passed your ears at 120kph, you find yourself trying to correct yourself as you feel like you falling sideways. They say your free fall is about 60m before you start swinging in and the next minute you are cruising about 10m above the pitch as the momentum carries you. The feeling then is unbelievable and quite unexplainable to say the least, you cannot stop yourself from screaming with enjoyment, its absolutely ridiculously AWESOME! It's most probably the happiest I've ever felt, but I guess that's owed to the after effects of adrenalin pumping through your veins.

Shortly afterwards, you feel the winch back up on the platform starts pulling you upwards again, which is pretty cool... until you start getting above the roof of the stadium again and you realise you're dangling from a piece of string about 80m above the ground and the little gusts of winds do nothing to help, as your grip grows increasingly tighter on the main line you just can't wait to get back onto the platform. Once you're there again I'd say for the next hour or so you have a constant grin on your face. It's wicked!

So next time you're in Durban make sure you try this for yourself, just do it is all I can say, I won't lie, it is frickin scary at first but the rewarding feeling afterwards is 100x better. 

Check out the video of my jump!

SO WORTH IT! You'll only know when you've done it!

Check out the BIG RUSH Urban Adrenalin website for more info and make sure you put this on your list of activities to do in Durbs the next time you're there 🙂 

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