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Marky Mark’s FULL BODY WAX… D-DAY has arrived!

Well well well… after a tiny delay between the SA Blog Awards and now, the time has arrived for me to fulfill my promise… EISH!

First came this…

and then came this…

and so promises need to be kept, and they are about it be fulfilled… today! faaaaark! 🙂

Now I know its been a while since the Blog Awards and it did take a while to try and find the time to arrange the event due to other commitments, but what I found, is that just trying to find a place that would carry this out was quite a task in itself.

After speaking to a number of Salons I found out quite quickly that salons that would actually do the full package on guys, are quite few and far between and this was before any mention of wanting to film it. Any mention of a camera closed any possibility that may have even slightly been there. I guess in the end it's their loss if they don't want to get with the times and realise that something like this will no doubt boost their business massively as it does the rounds through social media and local word of mouth, but I guess it doesn't take a dumbass these days to realise that.

Now I know a number of beauty therapists who just happen to be personal friends of mine, so it wouldn't have seemed that difficult, but I guess its pretty obvious to say that a mate that you see on a weekly basis getting that "intimate" may be a little awkward to say the least, however after speaking to a very good friend of mine, Jacqueline McGraw, who runs her own mobile beauty salon that does house calls, called JEM Health and Beauty we came up with a bit of a bright spark idea, which doesn't benefit me at all however turns out to be highly beneficial for The Jen… you see, Jax will do everything else but The Jen on the other hand, will have her way with me and my "intimate areas"… call it revenge if you may 🙂 She's one very lucky girl don't you think? I know a lot you girls will be green with envy to have the opportunity to do it your other halves.

So today is the day where, by this time tomorrow I'll be as smooth as a baby's bottom… wish me luck… I'm gonna need it!

This is for each and every one of you that voted and got PharSide an awesome 1st Place at the SA Blog Awards…. I won't be lying if I said I'm slightly nervous… but this has to be done.

Look out for the video which will be uploaded… I've got a funny feeling its gonna be hilarious… well that is of course if you find humour in watching a 30 year old dude scream like a girl! 🙂


SHIT! It's gonna hurt!


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