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Meteor seen over Gauteng, South Africa – Video Footage

At around 11pm on Saturday 21st November many residents of Joburg and Pretoria claimed to have seen a meteor shoot across the sky. Video footage of the event has now made its way onto the net.

Gauteng Meteorite

The event occured at 23:04pm as the meteor shot across the sky followed by a massive explosion which seemed to light up the sky for miles turning it to daylight for a brief moment. Many people were quite shocked at what they had just witnessed, my friend Bronwyn updated her Facebook status moments after saying that she thought she had seen a meteor, to which I commented, sorry guys that was just me testing out my new super powers doing a few laps around the globe 🙂 ...I wish. The Johannesburg planetarium aswell as myself, were hoping that at least someone managed to get a photo or better still, video footage of the event although it was highly doubtful since there was no warning and it would have been over before anyone could have reached to get their phone out of their pocket to capture it, plus I don't know many people who sit and point video cameras up at the sky all night.

However would you believe it, last thursday CCTV footage made its way onto the net giving a full view of the event, which is alot more breathtaking than I originally thought, it was pretty damn awesome, wish I'd been there to see it.

See the video below of the footage, pretty amazing.

It is said that millions of meteorites enter the earths atmosphere on a daily basis however they are too small to be visible and burn up before hitting the ground, a prime example of this is a shooting star, something we don't really see in London due to the city's ambient light.

The meteor seen over Johannesburg has not yet been found as they don't really know where about it landed or even how big it is, as much of it, if not all, would have burnt up on the way down. So it could be a case of trying to find a golf ball in a 100km radius, which is pretty impossible if you ask me. Apparently astrologists are looking for it, however the government has warned anybody who does find it and tries to sell it, would be in a spot of poo as it is owned by the state regardless whether it landed on your property or not.

If anyone did see it happen, you're more than welcome to comment about it below 🙂

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