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Most PRICELESS Pic From The Royal Wedding

Out of all the awesome photos of the Royal Wedding yesterday... there's one that is definitely going to be doing the rounds for a while 🙂

If you watched the Royal Wedding yesterday you would have noticed how it "went down" absolutely flawlessly... but as with most things in life there's always something that will always cause a bit of a chuckle 🙂

Of all the thousands of pounds that will be paid for official photographs of the Royal Wedding, there's one that will most definitely be more famous than ANY of the others... 

Well here it is 🙂

Ja, I'm sure we are going to see this pic on a few china plates etc 🙂

Also check this pic of the door opener dude checking out Pippa Middleton's ass 🙂 

EISH! Cranking Hot! I don't blame the oke 🙂

The Phreak just happened to be down in the crowd yesterday in the front row near Buckingham Palace, she got to see the Bride; Groom as well as the Queen and the legend that is Prince Philip... she got some wicked shots... DAMN I think we can say that Kate has pulled into pole position as being the hottest royal around... EISH! 🙂

[Thanks Amy]

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