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Nando’s does it again with a little pop at Jackie Selebi

Our boys at Nando's  don't seem to ever fail with finding humour in any situation, as ex-police big cheese Jackie Selebi has found out recently...

Incase you're a little behind with you're South African News, Ex-Top Kerel, Jackie Selebi was recently sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on charges of corruption in dealing with a convicted dealer... and I don't mean the furniture kind either.

The dealer, Glenn Agliotti paid Jackie Selebi R1.2m to "turn a blind eye" on his business dealings... this proved to be not such a difficult task for Selebi, although what did seem like a difficult task was obviously not getting caught.

It is said that Selebi is the most senior government official to date, to have been "convicted" of corruption... funny that, cause we all know who would have won that award had it not been thrown out of court 🙂

Now would you believe it, Selebi was once, President of Interpol, so just a bit of an embarrassment there.
He was also once President of the ANCYL just like "Fan of PharSide", Julius Malema, so I guess the future isn't so glitzy anymore JuJu, but best of all, he was a close ally of former president, Thabo Mbeki, which is obviously why he doesn't have many mates right now to bail him out of the kak.

So its not a good time for the dude to say the least and I guess there's a whole lot more to that story, but Nando's thought have they'd last little dig anyway...

And yes, I am still silently protesting against ridiculous Nando's UK prices... 🙂

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