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Nando’s Elbows Vodacom

Nando's takes a little pop at for infesting SA's TV screens with boredom…

I got back from a two week holiday in South Africa yesterday, and even after being there for just two weeks With minimal TV viewing I was already sick of the "Vodacom Is Red" ads… Oh ja by the way, for those of you that haven't been back recently, Vodacom has changed from blue to red to be in line with the global Voda thingy… Which I'll have you know has already cost them something like R200m…. Would have been nice of them to rather spend it more wisely on say nature conservation, but ja… This is just one of the possibly 10 different ads that will pop up every frickin ad break… So anyway, our wonderful friends over at Nando's have gone and done what they do best which is, have their say of course :) So I guess the question is… Is Nando's giving a bit of a big up? Or are they saying is "chicken" because they haven't also taken a pop like … which they've apparently got in a bit of kak for? I'm just glad know their colours and aren't boring us with useless ads… And remember… They are "the better connection"… Here's Cell C having their little pop at Vodacom :) Anyway, here's another little bit of Nando's fun that came out recently hahaha :) love it! 20110419-210704.jpg


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