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Nando’s In Canary Wharf… Shocking Discovery!

Nando's in Canary Wharf fails badly on three strikes on one simple order, and the manager does a fine job at showing just how cared she is... have a listen to this one...

How hard is it to get decent service these days? Even in England, the home of the English language, whenever going up to a counter to place an order in virtually any restaurant, you have to climb over a nine foot language barrier, repeating yourself at least once praying that the person behind the counter eventually does punch in your order correctly. Even then, untrusting the brain capacity of the employee to convert your order into the correct physical substance is still a gamble. It’s a sad state of affairs that people have slowly come to accept as everyday life.

Now don’t get me wrong... I LOVE Nando’s, it actually forms part of my staple diet where I’ll have it at least once a week. Stuff ups happen all the time at any restaurant and in most cases the restaurant will go out of their way to rectify the problem usually doing a little extra to make you feel like a happy chappy again. A common problem I've found with Nando's over the years is the fact that I'm a huge fan of a chicken breast in pitta, however I'm not much of a fan of the pittamix salad. With a few sighs, I can deal with having to pick the salad out if the chef has mistakenly put it in after I asked for it not to be since I've not exactly been cheated out of anything... but don't ever screw with my peri chips or my perinaise bru, cause then I'm gonna throw my toys.

I few weeks ago, I placed a telephone order with the Nando's at Jubilee Place in Canary Wharf, it's a lot easier doing this since by the time you've walked over from the office, your order is usually ready to go. I pulled up to the till to pay, all was going well so far, the guy did his thing on the card machine and handed it over for me to punch in the pin. Seconds later he passed me the card receipt and my order receipt with the order breakdown.. and this is about when the order literally broke down...

Take a look at the two receipts, what do you see? here's a hint... the totals...

As I cruised through the order receipt to make sure they got it right over the phone, a common habit these day due to past experience with those language barriers I mentioned, I quickly noticed the "over charge"... In my mind I could hear myself shouting "Hey Fuck Nut, why the fuck are you ripping me off!!!" although I thought it would be best to remain calm since they were still handling my food, so I calmly pointed out the guys screw up with a smile... through my teeth of course! 

He did apologise and swiftly refunded me the difference... in as many coins possible it would seem. A few minutes later the order arrived in the big brown Nando's bag that causes a chemical reaction in my brain that in turn causes me to smile 🙂 With his copy of the order receipt he checked each item in the bag to make sure it was all there... well at least that what he did a fine job at making it look like that's what he was doing...

And so like a happy kid with a "lucky packet" I skipped along back to the office having tasty visions of how fulfilled I was soon going to be 🙂 

Now lets take a quick look at that order again, nothing too confusing there right? Pretty simple average order for two people, not exactly a massive ten person full custom order...

As I walked back into the office I could already see the smile on my bosses face, feeding time! I started getting everything out the bag and all seemed perfectly fine... until... I got to the chips... as it turns out, we only had one small portion of chips... even more of a catastrophe, there wasn't a grain of peri peri spice on them either, my blood instantly started bubbling like a live chicken been thrown into a piranha tank... Like a good little employee, I let my boss have the chips and went back to my desk reaching straight for the phone and smacked that frickin redial button one time!

I asked to speak to the manager and surprisingly the woman who answered, identified herself as the manager, Joanna.

I gave her the full run down of what had happened. Her plain response was that I could come down and get my peri chips if I wanted. Now I'd just walked all the way back to the office, not a chance was I gonna waste even more of my lunch break and walk all the way back to Nando's because of their cock up, so I told her this wasn't gonna happen and she should come up with a better idea. She then said she could send me a meal voucher in the post, fair enough, peri chips vs a free meal, no brainer really, however... wait for it, she was really busy at the moment so could I call her back in half an hour and she'll take down my details... now I can't say I've ever been a restaurant manager, but wouldn't common customer courtesy suggest she call me back... quite shocked that she'd said this and a part of me thinking there's no ways she would call back, I said fine, knowing I would. So I called back half an hour later and Joanna seemed a rather happy chappy on the phone until I told her who I was, when if the total change in the tone of her voice was anything to go by, you could vividly picture her rolling her eyes back in disappointment that I'd actually remembered to call back. Anyway, she took my details down, confirmed my address and advised she'll put the voucher in the post. As I put down the phone a little part of me was thinking, "yeah right".... and so, almost a month later and I'm still waiting for my elusive free meal voucher. I guess we could bet good money that as she was putting the phone down she was thinking "yeah right" aswell. I guess she thought, "nah, there's no way he's a pretty well known blogger who feels quite strongly about his Nando's, being a Saffa and all"

Over the last month I've thought of my free meal voucher quite a few times, every time I feel like Nando's to be honest, and I thought, it's pointless calling them up to chase them since they could play that game for eternity.. so as I do, I get far more pleasure out of telling the world just how much Nando's in Canary Wharf, don't want your business. First they'll try rip you off, secondly they'll fill you with "false hope", acting like they are checking your order, and thirdly, they'll show you just how much they don't really give a fuck if you do actually pick up the phone to complain about their absolutely dismal service.

You've only got to really wonder how often this happens, bit of a shocking discovery on how much customer service actually means to them... shame.. for the price you pay for their food, you could only expect more from them, although I'd probably get better customer service from a stressed out chef at a dodgy kebab shop at 3am on a Saturday night...

I did send Nando's UK this tweet the other day when a few of their branches were closed due to the riots, in an attempt to maybe spark a slight bit of interest to rectify the problem, and possibly wouldn't have resulted in me passionately expressing my disapproval of certain useless idiots that are the face of their company at the Canary Wharf branch to a wider audience.... they didn't take the bait... 

Nando's Canary Wharf.... YOU FAIL! 🙂

Have you had any bad experiences of your own? I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it in the comments below.... GO WILD! 🙂

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