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Nando’s Owns Julius Malema Once Again

Nando's owns Julius Malema aka JuJu yet again, and this time they've picked something that seems very close to JuJu's heart...

I'll say this again, you've gotta hand it to that bunch of genius' that are the Nando's Marketing Team. They can take just about any words or any situation and completely own it. Now I know Nando's tastes frickin awesome (so awesome that myself and The Jen actually had it for dinner tonight, no lies) but lets be honest, if it wasn't for the awesomeness of their marketing team, I seriously don't think Nando's would be where it is today... 

First there was JuJu and his "Kill The Boer" incident, and now Nando's worked their magic and are giving it right back... in his face 🙂

Observe 🙂

Talk about eating your own word ey 🙂

Whats the bet he's gonna say he doesn't each chicken because it's russist...

As mentioned, this isn't the first time, no.... Nando's has had a little dig at our JuJu a couple times before

This was the first one that sparked off massive upheaval around this time last year...

After that one, JuJu threatened Nando's with "militant action" if they didn't remove the ad from TV within 24hrs...

They didn't... but they did give this version as a response

Schmaak it! 🙂

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