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Nando’s Weighs In With Ad For Limpopo Cocaine Tea

You may have heard that a Tea was discovered being sold in shops in over the weekend, if not, you’re about to find out… naturally Nando’s decided to throw their two cents in with a cheeky little

Apparently a woman complained that she felt “dizzy” after drinking a herbal that she bought, otherwise known as “”… no shit 🙂

Now get this right, she buys Coca Tea, feels a bit goofed, so she went to the doctor who confirmed the obvious, that she had traces of Coke in her blood stream following tests… seriously, what else did she think it was? Most people would have either stopped drinking the stuff if they didn’t feel kiff, or just bought boxes of the stuff and kept drinking it to their hearts content.

Cut a long story short, the Police were alerted and bags of the stuff have since been removed from the shelves of two shops that sold it. Unsurprisingly, the dodgy part of the whole story is that the address given on the packaging was found to be false. The Police then discovered that it was being delivered to a pharmacy in Gauteng… hmmm sounds like someone’s in a bit of kak.

I hate to state the obvious, but its a tea made from a Coca plant, what do you think you’re going to find in it?

But anyway, naturally our friends over at Nando’s SA, in all their usual awesomeness, released this rather fitting ad…

BTW… before you guys get all excited and start Googling “Heavenly Magical Plant Of The Inca’s” to order from dodgy websites… doctors have said that it doesn’t actually contain enough Cocaine to get you , however worked as mild stimulant like Caffeine, but something tells me it may become a lot more addictive than your average cup of Coffee bought from your nearest Starbucks … the woman was obviously quite a lightweight 🙂

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