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Ford Courier Drifter 2

New Ford Courier Drifter 5 Tonner Bakkie spotted!

Check out this new SA Model Ford Courier Drifter 5 Tonner Bakkie spotted apparently cruising along towards Limpopo… absolute truth that they really are "Built Ford Tough"…

Well sweet mother of I don't know… how this oke actually made it from whereever he came from to this petrol station is beyond me to say the least. Just proof that only in SA can a man move an entire contruction site (note yellow building waste pipes perched at the top) complete with house to be assembled elsewhere, on the back of one single bakkie… this guy must be a true genius, in order to move such a top heavy load at any speed besides standing still takes absolute precision and skill… the guy must be a Jenga King!

But ja, there you go… you see, right there… Only in SA my china :)

I would love to know the little freak out you'd get, by cruising up behind this oke to overtake at a mild 160kph expecting it to be an 18 wheeler… one word along with a facial expression springs to mind…"huh" :)

[Thanks The Jen]

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