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New Green Mamba Low Profile Tyres!

I've said it a million times but I'll say it again... I thought I'd seen it all... until now... Check this kiff new brand of low profile tyres spotted in a parking lot at OR Tambo Airport in Joburg. 

The brand is the new extremely affordable Green Mamba which only comes in a super low profile, so low that it gives the illusion that your rims are touching the ground. Made from 100% used green hosepipe makes them affordable to everyone and guaranteed to give you a wild ride.... ja, thats what happened to your hosepipe that someone stole off your front lawn... I guess the sprinkler is used as part of the fuel injection system on this bad boy Ford Escort! 🙂

Wait for it.....

ONLY IN SA!!! haha 🙂

[Thanks Ma]

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