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News Reporter Gets Hiccups Live On Air… But Powers On Through!

This is pretty damn hilarious, 3AW News Reader Kate Wilson unexpectedly gets a serious case of hiccups whilst reading the news live on air... 

Kate Wilson started reading her news report, however as we all know, sometimes hiccups can strike without warning and at the most inappropriate times...  but Kate wasn't going to let a bad case of hiccups stop her from getting through her news report, she just soldiered on through...

Trust me, you'll burst out laughing the second you hear that first hiccup! hahaha 🙂 


Video below is of a discussion with Kate and colleagues following the incident, the actual footage starts at 3:20

Told you you'll piss yourself laughing at that first hiccup! haha 🙂

Is it just me or is it just Aussies that continuously have Live TV and Radio Fails...?

Remember the Giant Seagull, The Beauty Pagent, The Busted Banker .. the list goes on...

Shame 🙂

HIC! 🙂

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