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Nik Rabinowitz is coming to The Slug in Wimbledon

If you saw Bafunny Bafunny, you'll remember Nik Rabinowitz...in my opinion, the funniest of the lot that night, he is South Africa's hottest, most dynamic and possibly most animated comedian, and he's coming to The Slug in Wimbledon this Wednesday,  20th April for a FREE show.. EISH! HAIBO!

You'll remember Nik from Bafunny Bafunny last year, remember "shoo shoo shoo shoo"?... ja, the Xhosa speaking white oke that had everyone in complete agony after their stomach muscles were pulled in ways that were not humanly possible from laughter after his slot in the show. If you've watched South African ads, you'll remember Nik as a face of MWEB and Mini Cooper. He also won Best Comedy Act in the 2008/2009 SA Comedy Awards.... and he didn't even have to do a full body wax to get it 🙂

Nik is currently in London and he's at the Slug in Wimbledon this Wednesday night to give us a little something of what he does best, all you gym freaks can skip pull ups this week cause don't you worry, those sto mach muscles are going to get a good rogering on Wednesday night. Just email Greg at [email protected] to let him know how many of you there are so he can sort out your seating... and remember, the show at The Slug is FREE so consider yourself lucky because people pay good tom for his sell out shows in SA.

Nik is also performing at Soho Theatre from 21st - 23rd April so if you dig what you see on Wednesday then you can book tickets at http://www.nikrabinowitz.co.za/ for you and your maatjies for his shows at the Soho. Check out his website for more hilarious videos and audio tracks.

Show starts at 8:30pm at The Slug, Wimbledon so pull in and support the best in South African comedy at the best South African venue this side of the equator!

Where?: Slug, Wimbledon, 16 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, SW19 3TA
When?: 8:30pm - Wednesday 20th April 2011
How much?: Niks nie my bra

Check you's all there! You are gonna frickin love this... he is EFFING hilarious! 🙂

Check out the FB Event Page Here:


Here's a few little tasters!

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