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No talk of a new iPhone 4G as yet….Just the iPad

Today many people such as myself waited in anticipation as to what Apple were going to announce at their conference in San Francisco. Was it going to be a new iPhone? Well we were hoping...

The last 15 months have been tough, and I say tough because 15 months ago I got a cellphone that was supposed to be hot shit and said to give the iPhone a run for its money, boasting a multitude of new features and awesomeness... well... I was wrong and very wrong I was because for the duration of my 18 month contract I have endured pain, suffering and quite often short spirts of absolute rage to the extent that I am quite surprised that this piece of shit that I own has not been thrown on the pavement with an awesome follow through swing and then subseqiently jumped on, crushing every single little component of its useless being. I can hear The Phreak chuckling away at me from over here, at my epic failure at choosing this Sony Ericsson X1 over an iPhone when I took out my contract. However to my utter delight for some reason I was on the O2 website the other day and noticed that if my monthly bill is over £50 a month which it always is, I can upgrade 3 months early...WOOT! WOOT! Well I can honestly say the rest of my day was awesome, because on the 4th February I can call up O2 and place an order for 1 x iPhone 3GS.

It wasn't soon after that that I realised there had been a lot of talk of rumours flying around the net about Apple releasing a new iPhone in June, known as an iPhone 4G which is said to be a major upgrade from even the 3GS and with Apple's announcement conference just days away, I thought I'd wait and see what was going to be revealed. Now the rumours are that the new iPhone would be kitted out with a 5 megapixel camera and 64GB storage space amongst other things which sound pretty great and possibly worth the grueling task of baring with this piece of shit that I currently own until then. 

So today came and the world sat on the edge of their seats closely watching what Steve Jobs was going to announce when out he comes with something we all kinda knew about anyway.... this...the iPad.

Basically what the iPad is, is a largely oversized iPhone (quite literally), about 10" across, better known as a tablet PC whereby everything is controlled by a touch screen, keyboard and all. Not something that is going to fit in your pocket, unless you are wearing dungarees ofcourse.This is something that the big players such as Microsoft and others have been trying to get off the ground for many many years now, but never really succeeded in breaking the market. To be honest I'm not too phased by it to say the least, and if it does actually break the market, I think that the only reason would be that its made by Apple and looks a bit more pimping than its predecessors. I wasn't even really that amazed by its spec to be honest... 1Ghz CPU and 64GB storage, perfect for media types and non-geeks. I'm like a racing car driver, I don't care what my car looks like, as long as its fast! And that was that... no talk of any new iPhone, pretty much to everyone's disappointment.

There is speculation that if they are going to release a new iPhone later on in the year then there would be another Apple announcement. Am I gonna gamble on that and it doesn't happen at all with me needlessly having to deal with my SE XShit for the extended period of time? no... I'll settle for a 3GS for now because no doubt will there be a new iPhone out by the time I'm due an upgrade.

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