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Updated: Oh Dear…Gareth Cliff Is In Jail

Gareth Cliff has been arrested for speeding near Pretoria and sitting in jail right now... without a get out of jail free card or his cellphone it seems...

Right now somewhere in Pretoria Gareth Cliff is in jail possibly making a few dealings with the biggest oke in Cell Block A for his safe keeping for the night and signing a few autographs, because thats where he's going to be for the rest of the night according to Gauteng traffic police spokesperson Busaphi Nxumalo. It's been said that it is too late at night for Gareth to post bail so he is going to have to remain there until tomorrow.

According to IOL, Gareth was bust by the "High Speed Unit" cruising down the R21 near Lyttelton at 182km/h where the speed limit is 120km/h... I can just imagine the cop as he walked up to Gareth window which reminds me of a scene out of Leon Schuster's Panic Mechanic... "I don't see her man"... "who?"...."Your pregnant wife" 🙂

Twitter has gone bos tonight with #FreeGarethCliff where some people have provided sympathy where as others have been less than sympathetic.

Apparently Gareth hasn't tweeted since being arrested, I guess you aren't allowed cellphones in the chooky, either that or his cellphone has already been stolen... I guess if we see some dodgy tweets from Gareth account which resemble the usual characteristics of your average Frape (Facebook Rape) then we'll surely know.

Clearly PigSpotter was not on the ball tonight 🙂

I do feel bad for the oke, as none of us like getting bust speeding, and don't lie, almost everyone does it, unless you're my grand dad 🙂  A couple years ago I was bust doing 110mph (176kph) down the A3 in the Baby Black Mamba, however, thankfully here in the UK, and so I found out that day, the cops need to track you for a mile doing over the speed limit before they can clash you, luckily I see myself as a good driver doing my K53 checks at regular intervals and spotted them in their big white Volvo coming in hot from a mile off. I did obviously get a very stern talking to and let off with a warning. I did kak myself slightly since anything over 100mph and you lose your license, so you could say I was shaking in my boots 🙂 Unfortunately the laws are different in SA in that respect and Gareth hasn't been so lucky, but I guess just like any average person, Gareth will have to get treated as such and bear the brunt of his actions just like you and me would. Although saying that, you can only wonder if the same would happen if a top ranking government official did it... but I guess that's what those super unnecessary blue light brigades are for, they just do it "legally" 🙂

One thing's for sure though, Gareth won't be praying to get out of jail tonight 🙂

Let just hope he doesn't do what every other celebrity does, and write a book about his "One Night In Chooky" cause I hear his first book didn't exactly get rave reviews

Good Luck Gareth! Hope they don't come down on you too hard buddy... May the force be with you

**** UPDATE ****

Gareth just tweeted!!

Damn he's good... he must be on CELL C 🙂

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