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Oh Dear… Marky Mark Is In Sunny South Africa!

Marky Mark is in South Africa causing all sorts of nonsense as usual, I've already left Joburg feeling like a wounded deer... Durban and Cape Town, I hope you're ready 🙂

Check out the view from my "desk" today 🙂

Superb 🙂 Taken from the patio in La Lucia, Durban

Yours truly has been running around Durban for the past week in preparation for The Phreak's wedding at Collisheen Country Estate near Ballito on Saturday, which turned out to be a massive success. A huge thanks goes out to Amanda at Collisheen Country Estate for the venue, Brendon Funnell from The Wedding DJ for the music and Trent Saunders from Trent Saunders Photography for the video and photography. It's been a busy week last week but still had a chance to get to see the lights of Durban, spotted Just Jinger's Ard Matthews during Quiz Night at Livingston's Gasto Pub at Glennor Centre in Durban North (Awesome place btw) and bumped into little Pixie Bennett at a jol Durban on Thursday night. 

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Cape Town for three days thanks to the legends at PlayBoy SA, so if you're free for a dop or two then get in touch.... you know me, any excuse will do 🙂

Then its back to Durbs for a couple more razzles until I head back to London town on Sunday 🙁

So get your disco pants on people, its time squeak a takkie 🙂

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