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Oh F*ck No They Didn’t!… Yes They Did… It’s Braaiday!

Remember Rebecca Black and her infectious Friday song?... well trust a few Saffa's to go and rip the ring out of it with, Braaiday!

National Heritage Day/Braai Day is coming up on Saturday 24th September and the interwebs are already buzzing with Braai Day festive madness... well it just popped onto a whole new level 🙂

I honestly pissed myself when I just saw the YouTube label for this... Braaiday - (Rebecca Black "Friday" Parody)

Instantly the words started playing in my head and I hadn't even heard it yet... so simple, yet genius!

I think you're going to be hearing this a shitload over the next couple weeks... they're gonna be killing it... BIGTIME! 🙂

Lets see you get that out your head for the next 24hrs just from that single dose 🙂

The Jen is bigtime bleek with me for getting it stuck in her head now 🙂

Brought to you by comedy duo Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues


Can you say... VIRAL?

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