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Oke On Mountain Bike Gets Smoked By A Buck At Full Pace

Oke cruising through the bush on his mountain bike gets taken out by a buck charging at full pace... seriously, what are the chances!

You may have seen this already last week sometime while I was spending most of my time concentrating on a certain little petition, my boi Savage posted it and I thought it definitally deserves a spot on PharSide, because seriously, as far as things that don't happen every day go, I think this one takes the cake.

I bet you a million bucks when Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy woke up a few days ago, he had no idea that a rather large and seemingly blind Red Hartebees was gonna tjoon him, "Howzit!" later on that day.

Evan was competing in the Time Freight Express MTB race for Team Jeep at Albert Falls Dam which is pretty close to my old school days spot of Pietermaritzburg, as you'll see shortly, he's cruising along the track at a pace, when you hear the camera man "Watch the buck!" seconds later.... BOOM!!! 

Take a look for yourself...

HEC.... wait for it..... TIC!!!!

Surprisingly the camera guy managed to hold his composure with his mild expression of "Holy Cow" cause I tell you one things for sure, a lot more expressive language would have come out of my mouth if I'd just witnessed that... would have gone something a little like this...

HAIBO!!!! WHAT THE $%$!! MOTHER &^%^%&^*£""%("^ HELL! 🙂

Thankfully and rather astonishingly , Evan seemed to be ok as he was standing up in the end... which is more than what can be said about his helmet, because he is effing lucky!

At least he can say he's been head butted by a buck at full pace, which I'm sure not a lot of people can say.

I'd say he gets the PharSide Award for Most Hectic Head-butt EVER!

The video has since racked up over 9 000 000 views on YouTube... I'm sure with the money from YouTube Partnership program he'll be able to buy himself a new helmet... and have a bit of change left over for a yacht 🙂

Glad you're ok Evan, must have needed a few Panado's after that one... EISH! 🙂

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