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OMG! PharSide is Pink!!!

You may have noticed that PharSide is not sporting its usual pimping background, but rather sporting a very feminine dashing pink one! It hasn't been hacked, and no… it's not me getting in touch with my feminine side, but for an entire month from 1st to 31st , PharSide will be running a campaign for !… because that's how we roll!

The Phreak passed on this awesome idea to me the other day in order to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer since many of us have been directly or indirectly effected by it. Breast Cancer is kind of a big deal which sadly is extremely common in many women. Over the course of this month PharSide will be be flying the pink flag and reminding all you ladies to wear pink every Friday, and guys don't think you can't get involved, Salmon or Broke Back Red is quite acceptable these days, so you can also show your support every Friday!

I shall be providing links up soon for those who wish to donate to the Cancer Association of South Africa, CANSA in order for them to fund further research to help women suffering from this killer disease aswell as all provide other bits of information to help the cause. So lets get involved people and lets do something awesome for our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. 

Cause bru, if can play in Pink, then PharSide is all for it and supports it all the way!

Get involved! Wear Pink Every Friday During October!

Boys… Remember, Movember is just around the corner WOOT! WOOT! 🙂

[Thanks Phreak]


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