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Oscar Pistorious sentenced to 6 years

Judge Masipa has sentenced Oscar Pistorious to 6 years imprisonment today following a lengthy court case over the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Judge Masipa delivered her verdict over an hour, explaining that she has taken into account many factors including that he is a first offender, unlikely to reoffend and that has already served 12 months. She expressed that she is willing to hear an application for leave to appeal later today. It is likely that he could appeal after he has served a further 2 years.Judge Masipa's final words read as follows:
Recovery is possible. It will depend mostly on the accused's attitude of the punishment imposed on him. Punishment is not what you choose to do. It is something that is imposed on you. By it's nature it is unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful. I have considered all the evidence submissions and case law. A long term of imprisonment will not serve justice in this matter. The accused has already served 12 months, he is a first offender and he is not likely to re offend.Mr Pistorious please rise. In the result, the sentence I impose on the accused in terms of murder dolls eventualis, is six years imprisonment. I'd like to thank counsel for their assistance, the officers of the court, and the staff. In the meantime I will adjourn and I'll be in chambers. Counsel, I'm willing to hear an application for leave to appeal today. Court is adjourned.

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