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Oscar Pistorius Shoots And Kills Girlfriend According To Reports – Updates

According to reports, Oscar Pistorius apparently shot and killed his girlfriend believed to be Reeva Steenkamp....latest updates as they unfold

Reeva-Steenkamp-Oscar-Pistorius1It is believed that at around 4am this morning, South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, believed to be FHM Model, Reeva Steenkamp in the head and arm after mistaking her for a burglar at his home on Silverlakes Golf Estate near Pretoria.However reports are now coming out of SA that the police are now unsure with it was in fact Oscar that fired the shots so as you can see the story is evolving rapidly.Obviously this his going to have A LOT more to it so I do believe in giving someone the benefit of the doubt in this case.So come now gang, lets not jump to in rash conclusions, a lot of questions will be asked, however lets let investigations take place to get to the bottom of this tragic story.Either way its extremely sad that something like this has happened...I'll be updating the story as I hear it to give you the latest updates as it unfoldsLatest Updates8:35am GMTLifeIsSavage.com says close friends of Reeva and OScar confirm Reeva is the person who was shot.Very sad, rest in peace Reeva... taken too soon.-9:07am GMTThe Guardian reports Oscar has been arrested and held in police custody-9:55am GMTIOL reports Oscar is due to appear in court later today-10:41am GMTSky News Reports, state hopes to deny bail at court hearing-11:12am GMTSky News reports - Oscar has been charged with murderMore to followThese are the latest updates on Twitter right now

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