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Oslo Bombing Witness Tells About His Awesome Gym Workout On Live TV

Kiwi expat, Cameron Leslie, was an eye witness during the Oslo bombing last week, however it seems there was something a little more important to him than bombs going off...

Cameron Leslie, a Kiwi expat living in Oslo, Norway, was at a gym close to the site of the bombing that occured there just over a week ago. Shortly after, he appeared on New Zealand TV, 3 News giving his account of the blast... and of course his awesome, some what unbelievable gym workout.

Take a look at this... 

oh dear... what a loser! hahaha 🙂

Shame, although you've got to hand it to the oke with regard to his dedication... buildings were falling down around him but he just naturally had to finish his set. It appears nothing was going to stop him from finishing that last rep.

Although, benching 8 reps of 165kg's... look at the oke, really? I think not... he doesn't exactly look like he's walking around with rugby balls under his arms now does he? I hate to burst your bubble bru but I reckon the weight values are displayed in pounds bringing the 165kg's down to a believable 75kg's.

Commenters on the 3News website are grilling this oke properly, one person even commented, saying:
"I use to flat with this guy..... he was a tosser then and he obviously still is. Good to see you can lift 165kg now when back then you couldnt even lift a finger you lazy prick."

Eish! I guess somebody ain't gonna be showing his face around New Zealand any time soon. Talk about having to walk around with a brown bag over your head for a while... ouch 🙂

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