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Pablo Francisco Live at The Troxy, London

Top American Comedian Pablo Francisco blows away the The Troxy in London

If you haven't heard of Pablo Francisco then you have never laughed to your laughing limit... if the is such a thing. He is an insanely funny comedian from the states and thrives on sound effects and imitating famous people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger; Keanu Reeves and the Movie Preview Guy aka Don Fontaine... thats the guy who's voice you always hear in movie trailors. I came across Pablo Francisco in 2007 when the Phreak somehow stumbled across him on YouTube. She was sitting upstairs in her room laughing her head off to the extent that he boyfriend Waine had to go upstairs to investigate just what the hell was making her laugh loudly for 45mins straight. What she was watching was Pablo's 'Bits and Pieces' show. Soon after I saw it, and can quite honestly say that I had never seen anyone as hilarious as him up until then. From that point on we were all on a quest to find just about any footage of Pablo we could lay our paws on. A few weeks ago I was on FaceBook (there's a surprise) and I noticed Pablo posted on his fan page that he would be doing a show at the Troxy in London on 22nd October! Lets just say, in about 30 seconds flat I was the proud owner of four tickets to the show. So last week Thursday the night had finally come and we went and saw Pablo live. While we waited in anticipation, three opening acts got our stomach muscles working, and then finally Pablo made a thundering appearance and kept us laughing uncontrollably for the rest of the evening. He is ridiculously dynamic in what he does, you kill yourself laughing at the way that he describes any given situation with a full range of sound effects and multitudes of voices. He honestly has you in sticthes from the word go.
One awesome part of the evening was right at the end, where I had the pleasure of meeting Pablo and got him to sign the copy of 'Bits and Pieces' that I'd just purchased from him, as you can see in the pic above 🙂 Next time he's in London I'm definately going again.Incase you've never had the pleasure of seeing Pablo in action, check the video below from 'Bits and Pieces' and get ready to laugh your head off.GREEN APPLES!!! haha 🙂

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