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Pamela Anderson can be my genie ANYDAY!

Pamela Anderson performs as the Genie in Aladdin at Wimbledon Theatre which turns out to be an awesome show and I got to see it… YAY! :)


Myself, The Phreak and Waine took a stroll a few doors down to Wimbledon Theatre last night to watch Aladdin, featuring special guest star Pamela Anderson as the genie and I must say, all three of us, thoroughly enjoyed it. The show is around 2.5hrs long which flies through and the gorgeous Pammy floats down from above the stage 50mins into the show. The show really keeps you going all the way with constant local humour and getting the audience very involved in true panto fashion, also not to mention in my case, my heart flat lining every time Pammy made an appearance onstage.

Pammy really is just insanely gorgeous, at 42 she is just as hot as she was 20 years ago when she first appeared on the cover of Playboy, its actually hard to come to terms that she is that age because I tell you what, if The Jen wasn’t around, I think Pammy may just have a chance with me 🙂

Despite what I read in a newspaper by some boring pompous dumbass critic who thinks he knows something about acting, I'm a normal person just like everyone else in the audience and I thought her performance was brilliant, she did really well, no complaints whatsoever. She cracks a few jokes which stem from her life of fame which gets a good chuckle from the crowd. Did I mention her outfit is damn fine too 🙂 she doesn’t have a leading role as such so her performance is understandably short but that’s the way the story goes and that’s how it was written.

Her stint lasts for two weeks and I heard she had a pint at Weatherspoons (Wibbas Inn) opposite the theatre the other night, so I’m hoping she pops around the corner to Bar Sia next door to the theatre for “A Can of the Best” one night before she leaves, as other guest celebrities in productions at the theatre do.

If you are able to get tickets for the performance I’d definitely recommend that you make a plan and go see it as it’s definitely one of the better shows I’ve seen, with constant laughs all the way through.

Hopefully one of my Christmas wishes will come true and I can get a photo of me and Pammy haha 🙂

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