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Pamela Anderson stars in Aladdin at Wimbledon Theatre

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Yes guys you read that correctly, the one and only Pamela Anderson is going to be rocking up on our door steps to star in a pantomime of Aladdin at Wimbledon Theatre for two weeks starting from 13th December.Pamela Anderson

Pammy will star as the bursting from the lamp in the show and will be taken over by talk show host Paul O’Grady after her two week stint.
From what I’ve heard and completely unsurprisingly, ticket sales for this have shot through the roof and is fast becoming the biggest thing to hit the Wimbledon Theatre since, well… the Wimbledon Theatre.

Hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of good ol’ Pammy while she’s here, I can see a huge crowd forming at the backstage door where all the kids usually gather for autographs and who knows, as with most of the actors and actresses that star in shows at Wimbledon Theatre, maybe just maybe she’ll pop into next door for one or two dops 🙂

I wonder if she”ll be keen to sign my DVD copy of Pam and Tommy… haha 🙂


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