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Panjo The fugitive

Panjo the Tiger is running loose in South Africa

A by the name of , is running loose in the area of , after hopping off the back of a bakkie…

So in other words, if you live in the Delmas area then… if you go down to the woods today, you in for a big surprise… la la di dum 🙂 That is correct, you know how your dog just "knows" he's on his way to the vet, before you've got him in the car he suddenly develops a severe case of paralysis in his legs, well it appears this was no different for our dear friend, Panjo. You see he must have known he was on his way to the vet for a shot because while his owners were transporting him there last night on the back of a bakkie, as soon as he saw a gap, he took it, and now he is wandering around Delmas scaring the locals shitless, as you can imagine.

Panjo is a 17 Month old tiger who apparently lives with his owners on a game farm near Kempton Park. His owner, says that Panjo is very tame and even dossers on the same bed like an oversized kitten, although he has also mentioned that if Panjo doesn't have a kiff chow in no more than 3 days, he'll either die or start killing, which would be a real shame either way really.

Apparently Panjo has been spotted by a spotter plane however they can only really radio in his whereabouts in order for him to be captured. Apparently a large number of farmers are searching for him.

A spokesman for Wildlife South Africa has said if you spot Panjo, "just stand still, if you run you are dead", Goosey Fernandes on the other hand says that you should pick up a stick and shout "No!", no lets get real… I think I'll go with Goosey's idea to be honest, cause at least if you get munched, at least people can say you tried.

It is believed that Panjo is ofcourse an illegal immigrant as it is said that his owner has not registered him which is all a bit boring to be honest.

On a more serious note, I just hope these farmers or anyone that is out looking for him aren't gonna get stupid and take a few pot shots at the poor bugger, you know how they can get sometimes, lets just hope he gets darted and safely returned to his habitat on the game farm where he can bask in the ambience of his fame for the rest of his days.

One thing we are sure of, is that Panjo does have his iPhone on him as he has a Twitter profile which you can follow him on and get up to date information of life on the run… check out his Twitter profile here

I've already designed a nice little DVD cover for Panjo's movie for when he gets back…. call me Panjo!

I guess those jokes of us telling our English colleagues that we have wild animals roaming our streets, just became reality 🙂

[Source: TimesLive]


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