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Parys Potgieter

Parys is Hot Hot Baby!

The UK's most notorious afrikaans illegal immigrant, has returned from almost 2 years of dodging the Home Office Police, spending most of his time working on his masterpiece… !

Check out his super zef video right here, right now….

I guess there's no secret which is Parys' favourite blog… I can live with that 🙂

When I asked Parys why he decided to do this, he tjooned me like he said in the video, he looked into his inner zef just like and this was the result, but he says I mustn't tell anyone but he has a hectic crush on Yo-Landi Vi$$er from and he was hoping that he could impress her with his rapping skills if she see's the video….

Here's holding thumbs for you Parys 🙂 Good Luck 🙂

His hero, is also coming to on the 8th July to wow the crowd at .

Parys has already bought his tickets, check here for more info

Click the link below to download the 'Parys Potgieter – Parys is Hot Hot Baby' MP3 for FREE 🙂

Parys Potgieter – Parys is Hot Hot Baby
right click > Save Target As)

Bang it through your cars woofers ekse 🙂

WARNING! The chorus is extremely contagious… you'll be humming it when you least expect it haha 🙂


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