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PharSide gets a new HQ… WOOT! WOOT! :)

You may have noticed I've been just a touch slow on posts this week... well here's why....

Myself and the Jen decided that it would be in our best interests to upgrade to a new dashing HQ.
After a brief search around and a bit of wheeling and dealing, we managed to find an absolute gem of a pad.

Trust me when I say this, it doesn't get any more central to Wimbledon than this... its ridiculous! Many who know me personally will burst out laughing when they find out, since its location couldn't be any more convenient for me, and The Jen... lets just say, its about 100 steps to Marky Mark's Bar of Choice, Bar Sia, about 50 steps from Marky Mark and The Jen's favourite curry spot, Kafe Karahi, and about 100 steps from Marky Mark's recommended pre-midnight jol, The Slug. Timing it this morning, it took me no more than 4mins to walk from the front door to Wimbledon Station. The new PharSide HQ has an awesome open plan kitchen and lounge which leads on to a much bigger than London average grass lawn, perfect for all the awesome hot, sunny weekend braai's we are gonna have here this summer (don't tell The Jen I said that). It also has a second room equally sized to the main playpen, which is now my hoffice from where I shall infect your precious innocent minds, and not to mention house all my recording equipment so that I can finally get down to recording some material. And no, this is not a room for mates to live in for "just a couple of nights", remember I'm a London Saffa veteran and "just a couple nights" is never, "just a couple nights", so don't even bother asking because here is your answer right here....NO! 🙂 

Anyway, enough about the awesomeness of the new HQ, lets get around as to why I've been a little slow this week. 
We moved into the new HQ over the weekend and I would just like to point out that after 8 years in London, it is quite ridiculously amazing of the amount of absolute crap that you accumulate... its as if useless crap is iron filings and I'm a frickin magnet, but yes after a good few trips and a bit of effing and blinding, we got it all here, but it doesn't stop there, no no... now the task of unpacking all this crap and finding a place to put it, is another story in itself. In the mean time however, I advised good old BT to move my phone line, it was supposed to be moved last Friday. Now I thought I'd be clever and call up my interweb providings a few days early, so that they could get their peoples to speak to BT's peoples, and they could marry up nicely on the day to cause me the least amount of downtime possible, simples!... well, lets just say in an ideal world that would be possible, but no...
As it turns out, you need to wait for BT to switch off the line at the old spot, move it across to the new HQ, and then only then once you get a dial tone, can you call up your interweb providings and get them to start their own process of moving your incredible connection across. As it turns out, the line wasn't moved on Friday or Saturday morning but seemed to happen sometime over the course of the weekend where on Sunday night, EUREKA! there was a frickin dial tone. So Monday morning I called up my interweb providings and they tell me the process will be completed within the next 6-10 days... I gulped... interweb connectivity to me is the same as heroin is to an addict, I got a beady cold sweat and a shortness of breath... but they did offer me free ring tings 🙂 So being IT Is My Life and with the determination that, where there's a will, there's a frickin way, I managed to locate a wireless signal, weak and faint like a little bulb, slightly glowing in a very dark room, I was connected, and I am connected, however this does mean that it is incredibly slow and unreliable, to the extent that when I type out an entire article in the online admin backend of PharSide, then click Publish when I'm done only to be presented with "There was an error loading this webpage" beaming out at me from the screen, it can drive you to the very brink of grievous self harm. So for my own safety I've kept a little quiet this week 🙂

You've gotta hand it to my interweb providings though, they said 6-10 days, however I got an email and a txt yesterday to say that all tests were complete and I can expect my incredible connection this Friday.. YAY!  Lets just hope for their sake they stick to that promise, because if they don't, oh dear, they are going to have to give me more than just a few ring tings to make me happy again. Speaking of which, just to spark a bit of envy from our Saffa readers... my line here at home... 20Mb, uncapped, £10 a month, BOOM!... and trust me, thats pretty average over here these days.

Anyway, while I reach the end of this, I'm just frickin hoping that this doesn't error out, but I guess if you are reading this right now then obviously my wish came true and holding thumbs and toes while you click, really does work... in which case... PHEW!

So until next week.... I'll leave you with something quite fitting for the occasion....

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