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PharSide is a Finalist in the 2010 SA Blog Awards!

The Top 10 Finalists in each category of the 2010 SA Blog Awards have been nominated thanks to all you loved ones.
Now before I get right into the guts of this whole thing, let me just tell you that I was completely shocked and surprised at the outcome... do read on...

Now since Friday evening I've been anxiously checking out the SA Blog Awards website for a glimpse of the results. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday., nails virtually bitten down to the cuticles, I hate being kept in suspense, what were the judges putting me through, yeah it's my first time I know 🙂 but then on Wednesday at around lunch time I checked the website expecting to get the usual "Nominations are now closed" ne ne ne babble that I'd seen for days, but then, caught totally off guard, there was a change on the page, there they were in all their glory, the Top 10 Finalists in each category... instantly I scurried down the page scanning it like a frickin bar code reader for the 'The Best Overseas South African Blog' finalists, and there it was PharSide.co.uk with a nice little vote button next to it, an uncontrollable smile appeared on my face, kinda like the face Ewan McGregor pulls when he has a hit of a very bad substance in the movie Trainspotting. I had my fix and damn it felt good 🙂 So after my little moment I scrolled down to check if I made it into the "Best New Blog" category just incase, sadly not but at least I'd made it into the one I'd been gunning for which was awesome! I then started scrolling up to see who had made it into what, and that's when I arrived at the 'The Exclus1ves Best Entertainment Blog' category... Now let me tell you that, eyes like saucers and falling off the back of my chair is an extreme understatement in its purest form of what it was really like, because there it was, another PharSide.co.uk with a nice little vote button next to it. I think I muttered the words for this abbreviation, WTF in extreme slow motion at that moment. I couldn't believe it, this was totally unexpected, this was the category I chose because I couldn't find another suitable category and selected it "just for shits 'n giggles", not because I think PharSide is shit, but purely because I'm a bit of a realist and knew fully well that this would be a bit out of my league due to the awesome well established blogs that have stood the test of time I'd seen out there, who'd pat my puppy head if I'd ever met their owners in person.  This was insane, it dawned on me that I am now up head to head with two of my favourite blogs, namely Bangers and Nash and 2OceansVibe, the latter being the inspiration that kickstarted this whole thing I call, PharSide. To say I feel slightly honoured is an absolute joke...

So the voting round is now in play which runs until the 17th September, and I don't think I need to remind you who to vote for by clicking this link...

Here's my take on how I reckon the final rankings are going to unfold and why... you need to vote for these mkay!

-The Exclus1ves Best Entertainment Blog -

1st Place: 2OceansVibe - Like I said I'm a realist, Seth is well established, he works frickin hard at it, has an awesome vibe and he does have the best blog in SA as far as I'm concerned, as long as he's in the tub, from 2nd place and down is its own compo.

2nd Place: Bangers and Nash - because he's awesome, very different, very original and also has an awesome vibe... not mention he wants to live up to his bedroom mantra by always coming second as seen here.

3rd Place: PharSide.co.uk - Because you know it has to happen, 3rd place is even better than 1st or 2nd, I'm like the guy that walks in on two hot blonde lesbians in a porno... he ALWAYS comes 3rd and has the most fun 🙂 ...and just for the record, no I am not referring to Seth and Nash as two hot blonde lesbians... geez c'mon people! 🙂

- The Best Overseas South African Blog - 

1st Place: PharSide.co.uk - Because thats life and thats the way things are, plus as an added extra, since the Republic of Cape Town dominates the Blog Awards, being a Durban boi is pretty much classified as being Overseas anyway... so I'm not just doing this for my London crowd, but all my rocking Durban crowd aswell! 

- The Best Indigenous Language Blog - 

1st Place: WatKykJy - because Griff and co are everything that the new generation Afrikaaner stands for and I like it.

Sadly I don't see my boys from Woelag in there but in all fairness, they blerrie well should be!

The final Blog Of The Year Award is open game 🙂

So gang, thats may take whats what, so get those clicky fingers ready and vote away, you can start right here

btw...On the 17th September, PharSide will be one year old (seriously, what a coincidence, check back when the first post was), votes and cash donations are accepted as birthday presents 🙂

Just want to say a huge thanks to every single one of you for getting PharSide this far in the game, you are all absolutely AWESOME! Your continued support is what drives this whole thing and very much appreciated! Now give yourself a nice little pat on the back 🙂

Laters 🙂

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