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PharSide LIVE 2.0 Launched With a Massive Bang! Barry Hilton Interview and SharksWorld Rugby Report [VIDEOS]

PharSide LIVE relaunched yesterday which turned out to be nothing short of a hugely successful first show... and to top it off we had a very special guest which was none other than The Cousin himself, Mr. Barry Hilton

After a rather sleepless week of burying myself in a mountain of techie stuff, yesterday, Sunday 8th July saw the relaunch of PharSide LIVE Online Visual Radio. The new setup beats the previous setup by leaps and bounds in the sense that, equipment wise there pretty much isn't any difference between PharSide LIVE and you average professional online radio station. Not only do you have the old uStream video feed which was the only platform we used to stream over previously, but now since I've got my very own server which hosts PharSide, I've taken advantage of this and installed a Shoutcast server which allows audio streaming over multiple platforms. Not only does it support multiple devices but it now also has two streams, one high quality stream that streams at 128kbps which is CD Quality for us here in the UK and another lower quality stream which streams at 64kbps for our friends over in South Africa who have to deal the things like capped internet and limited data bundles. 

Myself and R-Patz shifted the show into gear at 3pm and it literally went skyward from there. Along with some great banter we heard some top tunes. We had Rob Otto from www.sharksworld.co.za give us a killer Rugby Report (video below). The highlight of the show was a little visit by South Africa's favourite cousin, Mr. Barry Hilton. Barry had just flown in from South Africa that morning so very much appreciated that he took the time to come on to the show and have a chat about his upcoming shows. Check out the video below of our chat with Barry. JoJo's Boerewors Rolls also dropped in to do what they do best by getting the fire going and supplying us with their awesome wors rolls!

All in all a great afternoon was had by all, it's astonishing how quickly 3 hours can fly by when you're having fun. Huge thanks to everyone involved for making yesterday possible and ofcourse those who listened in because without you it would be pretty pointless now wouldn't it. I'm still trying to gather all the stats for the first show however so far I've managed come up with 332, 145 of which viewed the video stream alone, which is exceptionally good for a first show! So thank you for all your support!

Make sure you listen in next Sunday for another instalment of PharSide LIVE @ http://www.pharside.co.uk/pharsidelive/

Check out the snippets of yesterdays show containing the interview with Barry Hilton, The Sharksworld.co.za Rugby Report with Rob Otto and of course a little interview with JoJo's Boerewors Rolls

Tickets for Barry Hilton's London and Bournemouth shows this week are available from www.satickets.co.uk

PharSide LIVE will be streaming live every Sunday afternoon from 3pm - 6pm UK Time (thats 4pm to 7pm SA Time)

And like I said on the show, to keep yourself entertained for the rest of the week, have a listen to Ballz Radio and 2OVFM. Online radio is definitely the way forward!

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