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PharSide’s Got A Brand New Look

As you can see PharSide has got a dashing brand new look that went live over the weekend 🙂

I recently decided that the old design was getting a bit old and needed a new coat of paint, so towards the end of last week and got my spanners out and started working on a fresh new look, and as you can see this is the result of a couple days of completely wiring myself in and presenting a somewhat more "professional" look. I'd say it was a nice little challenge that at times really put my skills to the test to add some new custom features, cause remember, I'm by no means a graphic designer or WordPress Theme Developer at that. Lets just say Google was my best friend over the last few days. PharSide is moving fast to new levels and as it becomes increasingly popular, the need for a better design and feel comes with it, so I hope you'll be pleased with the result, I certainly am 🙂

Just a couple new things you'll notice is on the main page, all posts now show post previews of a predefined length keeping everything a bit more organised and not all over the place when having full posts on the main page. You'll notice an slick new improved menu system at the top above the header and also the three images in the header, which display the three most popular posts for that day.

You'll probably notice a couple more changes here and there in the near future, but in the mean time give me some feedback and let me know what you think.... don't be too harsh now 🙂

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