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“Please Stalk Me When You Get Out Of Prison!”

On Friday night I was doing some late night web cruising and stumbled upon something that really made me tilt my head, frown my eye brow and say...huh?Now I will tell you how I stumbled upon this just so your renegade little minds don't start wondering what sort of topics I was looking at in relation to what I am talking about here 🙂 I was really bored okay, so  somehow I got looking at sites with "The 10 Best of everything" and obviously the corresponding "The 10 Worst of Everything".... this obviously came up in the latter and I'm really not surprised to say the least, because in the immortal words of Chandler Bing's ex-girlfriend, Janice.... OH (pause) MY (pause) GOD! 🙂I found this website which acts pretty much the same as any personals or penpal website however the catch is that your new penpal may very well be a convicted killer; rapist or pedophile....I was quite amazed when I saw this and thought whoever came up with this bright spark idea and thought that it would turn into a thriving business was on frickin drugs and should be locked away with the rest of his/hers awaiting "PenPals".Howz this though?
Can you imagine what it must be like for attractive men and women to be without companionship?
Yes, I can actually, I was single for quite some time and quite enjoyed myself... maybe a little too much hehe 🙂
These inmates are very real and are seeking you!  Why not give it a try?
Yes, they probably are, do you honestly want me to cause a convicted killer to take an interest in me?
It is suggested (but not required) you include at least two photographs in your first letter. One photo should be a close up view of your upper body and face. Try to pose a friendly and pleasant smile. The second photo should show the full body pose. It is always a good idea to pose with a pet in your photo if you have one. Another option would be a photo of yourself while doing one of your favorite pastimes.
Ok, let me get this straight, you want me to become friends with someone who may have raped, killed or sexually abused someone and in my first letter you want me to send photos of myself... just so that they can then look me up when they get out of the big house and "need a friend"... have you never heard of FaceBook and how easy it is to find people these days...Seriously, you might aswell ride your bicycle through Soweto sporting a kiff khaki uniform waving a massive AWB flag around shouting "Free Target!" if you wanted to invite yourself to get harmed. All I can say is... Only in America people... the land of Jerry Springer and where The Mullet is still cool...

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