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Pole Smashes Through Bus Windscreen, Just Misses Driver… HECTIC! [video]

A Chinese bus driver has been hailed a hero after somehow managing to stop the bus after a massive lampost smashes through his windscreen! you have to flipping see this! Unbelievable!

Onboard camera footage on the bus shows bus driver Mao Zhihao speaking to one of his 26 passengers, moments later you can see him spot danger ahead and attempt to avoid the danger after an accident occured between two cars, however suddenly a massive gigantic pole comes flying through the windscreen which leaves you completely shocked at how it managed to miss him although he was knocked to the floor.You have to watch this right now... UNBELIEVABLE!ja... HAIBO!!!!That oke seriously used up one of his lives there.... geeeez!It is said that the oke is fine apart from being in hospital recovering from a ruptured spleen... I'm pretty sure I would have ruptured something else in that situation!BLIKSEM![source: SkyNews]

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