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Pretty Schweet Time Lapse Of The Clifton Trawler [video]

Check at this pretty astonishing time lapse video of the trawler that beached itself on Clifton First Beach, Cape Town...

You may have read in the news recently that a Japanese Trawler "Eihatsu Maru" landed up on Clifton First Beach in Cape Town, and continued to chill there for four days before after many attempts to drag its sorry ass back out to see had failed, the vessel was finally pulled out to bob along the waves once again.

While this was going on, a guy by the name Rory Allen decided to do a little time lapse video of the rescue operation which went on a lot longer than expected, yet turned out to be pretty damn schweet in the end..

Grab a coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy...

The epicness of his photography doesn't end there, make sure you check out his Flickr page which has a "boat load" of pretty amazing stills.

Nice work Rory!

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