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Puddle Winching In The Park… LIKE A BOSS

A few South Africans take full advantage of the constant rain we've had over recent days in London that involves, a rather large puddle, a high powered winch, a wakeboard, some good mates and some pretty good camera work…

While most people have been sitting around moaning about the constant rain we've been having, I mean, it seriously must be the wettest drought in history. A group of Saffas in Wimbledon, London decided that this wasn't a time to sit around and watch their entire DVD collection, no they went out and got a tad bit wet… 

I first noticed a friend post this video on Facebook and while I watched it I thought, geez that place looks familiar. Well as it turns out it had good reason to be familiar because it was just down the road from me, at those football fields along Bushey Road between Wimbledon and Raynes Park to be precise, nevertheless, one of the chaps in the video is actually a mate of mine, (no names mentioned to protect Sheldon Rossouw :) ). I had a chat with Richard Van Wyk who posted the vid this evening, he reckons on Sunday the boys got together and headed down to the fields with their their wakeboard and their pretty high powered, would you believe it, home made, winch "Swamp Donkey", which is the creation of Trevor Donovan (rumour has it he's more hi tech than DJ Hi Tech, apparently he can make anything!) and… well, I'll leave the rest for you to see…

Check this out, it's pretty frickin awesome! Very well done!

Nice work chaps! Absolutely awesome… next time you go down, you know who to call :)

Trust a few Saffa boys to make good use of a bit of shitty London weather ey… BOOM! :)

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