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Real Life Hulk Lives In Brazil

There was what seemed a real life Hulk in Brazil this weekend... no lies 🙂


Pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos, from Vila Cruzeiro in Brazil,  dressed up as The Hulk for an event only to find out afterwards that there was no way the paint was going to come off... why? because after scrubbing himself stukkend he realised the paint he used was, wait for it... paint that is reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines... ja... bit of an epic fail right there 🙂  


According to Brazilian news site Extra.globo.com, Paulo wanted to buy the same paint he'd used previously when he dressed up as The Hulk... I guess he must like dressing up like that, but the shop didn't have the brand, so he went in search of an alternative that was a suitable colour.

The oke actually spent the entire Sunday and Monday having about 20 baths and howz this, he was made to dos in a room lined with plastic bags... I bet his mom was like "ain't no gettin no green paint on my bed linen"


Naturally the 35 year old part time DJ known as MC Marronzinho, became an overnight celebrity in his area.

But as if having a permanent green tinge wasn't embarrassing enough, the local newspaper ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint but referred to her as his missus... ouch!

Thankfully after vigorous scrubbing by a gang of mates and of course the neighbours got in on the act, it finally started coming off... To be honest, I don't want to know how much pain he must have been in after all that scrubbing cause it sounds like they had to remove a layer of skin to get it off...

Check out the pics of this oke... shame!

Check those guns... Hulk Smash! 🙂 crowds cheering for their Hulk... now thats gangsta 🙂

Now I don't know whats more blind, the newspapers posting a pic of your mom cleaning you but calling her your girlfriend... or... your pic posted all over the interweb of your mom scrubbing you with a toilet brush....

blind 🙂

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