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Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe
Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe

Real Tokoloshe Caught On Video… Made TV News [video]

Evening TV News in interviews guy who says he caught The in his house and managed to catch footage of it with his

Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe

You see some funny stuff that comes out of Africa, but this one is right up there with the best of the best…

As it turns out this oke managed to catch actual video footage of the Tokoloshe on his phone, he was later interviewed on the news in South Africa and seems rather passionate with his story, but no matter how sincere the oke seems, its really hard to take him seriously thats for sure 🙂

Check this out, its quite hilarious…

bwahaha 🙂 He “caught him right handed, with phone”

Too funny, listen how the oke skriks when he checks the Tokoloshe and how he describes the sounds it makes.

Smoking some good shit I tell you 🙂

At least we know the Tokoloshe schmaaks dog food stukkend!

Something tells me its his laatjie buggering around, at quite a length it seems, smearing crap all over the place and breaking windows.

either that or…. HEY JULIUS! stop buggering around in other peoples houses man! 🙂

That made my day 🙂 10 points for trying 🙂

[Thanks Mike]

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