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Retroviral 2012: #WhyWeDoDigital [video]

2012 turned out to be an astonishingly awesome year for my friends over at , here’s a brilliant round up of what 2012 was for them… this is pretty damn cool..

Retroviral is a company based in , it is the mutant brainchild of someone I may regard as a bit of a mentor of mine, someone who is doing something everyday, that I would love to do everyday… and that is none other than the creative genius that is, Mr. .

Mike did life for a while but on returning back to SA, he hatched a little egg in 2010 that would in just two years, become one of ’s superior heavyweight Digital Communications Agencies… you’ll be amazed at how many times you’ve actually seen Retroviral’s work… even if you’re thinking, “nought probably not”… trust me… you have 🙂 Let me throw a stick for you… and drop a clue… Nando’s 🙂

Yes, Retroviral were the driving force behind the Nando’s Last Dictator Standing ads… you know, the one that got Mugabe’s chommies panties in a twist, but in the end, went viral on a global level.

Retroviral has added their touch of awesome to many other campaigns over the last year… but I won’t make you read about it… I’ll let you watch it… in the form of this brilliantly put together video…

Check this out, its pretty damn schweet and has a pretty wicked soundtrack to boot…

(Make sure you select 720p HD on the little cog button thingy..)

Pretty schweet hey…. first thing I said to Mike the other day was.. “Hell that alphabet soup must have taken you ages to do”… he confirmed my suspicions 🙂

Retroviral do things very differently, there’s absolutely nothing text book with what they do, which is what separates them from the rest and makes them fascinatingly unique…and best of all, a lot of the projects that they work on, help people in a very positive way

This one was their previous vid which is also done incredibly well and its quite amusing to watch, so check it out.

So there you have it… do you work for a brand or company that wants to go big on a new … then you’d seriously be stupid not to get in touch with Retroviral… they make shit happen… end of 🙂


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