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Belinda Carlisle - Virgin Atlantic Rewind 80's Festival in Cape Town 31st Oct 2012 Pic: Benitha Vlok

Rewind 80’s Festival In Cape Town Was BOSS!

The Virgin Atlantic Rewind 80's Music Festival in Cape Town proved to be more than I expected with a mind blowing experience from the likes of Leee John from Imagination, Nik Kershaw, Martin Fry from ABC, Belinda Carlisle, Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and of course Rick Astley! Look out Joburg, you are in for one massive treat!

Belinda Carlisle - Virgin Atlantic Rewind 80's Festival in Cape Town 31st Oct 2012 Pic: Benitha Vlok

After spending a few days in Cape Town with the likes of 80's legends, Rick Astley, Nik Kershaw, Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Leee John (Imagination) and Martin Fry (ABC), the night had come to have the pleasure of seeing these awesome folks that I'd spent some time getting know, take to the stage at the Virgin Atlantic Rewind 80’s Music Festival, and literally transform themselves into fully energized seemingly twenty year old performers once again, something that I truly found quite fascinating to see, proving that without a doubt, they've still got it in them bigtime!The completely sold out venue at Grand West Arena at Grand West Casino in Cape Town absolutely erupted as Leee John of Imagination fame took to the stage as the opening act. For half an hour Leee literally dazzled the crowd, not just with his sparkling jacket but with his charismatic moves and voice that took you right back to the eighties at warp speed setting the bar for what was to become an unbelievable experience.Shortly after Leee John, Nik Kershaw took to the stage with his guitar and sent the crowd sky rocketing with smash hits such as The Riddle as well as The One And Only which believe it or not he wrote for Chesney Hawks as the title song for the movie which became a massive hit. Nik ended his set with Wouldn’t It Be Good which got the crowd in one massive sing along since, trust me, even if you didn’t think you remembered the words, you miraculously find that you very much do. Martin Fry from ABC came on next mesmerizing the crowd with his smooth ballads bring the first part of the show to the intermission.The second part of the show kicked off by hammering it into 6th gear with Belinda Carlisle belting out her hits that we all know too well. Runaway Horses, We Want The Same Thing and ofcourse the one that every person who ever lived in the 80’s has no excuse to not knowing, Heaven Is A Place On Earth. The last two acts of the evening seriously had a lot to live up too to keep up the awesomeness that the show was producing… and believe it or not, they certainly did.The next performance was possibly my personal best of the night. Getting to know Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet fame, he came across as your typical family man, but when he got onstage he completely transformed into one of the greatest showman that you’ll see in a long time. He absolutely blew the roof of venue with tracks like Gold and True (I’ll tell you something funny about Gold in another post), getting the crowd fully pumped to full pressure sending pressure gauges into the red before the final act of the night burst onto the stage, which was none other than, you know who… Rick Astley!

Rick Astley - Virgin Atlantic Rewind 80's Music Festival in Cape Town - 31st Oct 2012 Pic: Benitha Vlok

Rick exploded onto the stage sending the entire crowd into a frenzy, women went absolutely nuts! It seems one woman in particular nearby didn’t hold back one bit by flashing her tits when Rick was nearby where he couldn’t do anything but acknowledge the poor woman… and it wasn’t even THE song yet. When the opening tune to Never Gonna Give You Up rang out, the entire venue roared with cheering whistling, screaming, who could tell the difference, but one thing was for sure, this was the song that the crowd had been waiting for all evening.What an awesome experience, all those songs you used to hear during the 80’s and never got the chance to hear live had just happened all in the space of a few hours made it absolutely fascinating to see. Luckily if you’re in Joburg this Saturday evening, you have the chance to tick this one off your bucket list because who knows when you’d be able to get this awesome opportunity again… you’d be absolutely crazy not to get a ticket for the one night only show at SuperSport Park in Centurion, JohannesburgA MASSIVE thanks to Virgin Atlantic, for making such an unforgettable show possible… it truly was as unforgettable as the hits!For tickets to the last and only show in Johannesburg, check out www.rewindfestival.co.zaWhat ever you do… don’t flipping miss it!Pros: Absolutely Everything!Cons: Grand West decided to close all the bars in the arena shortly after intermission... not cool!

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