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Riding With No Pants On The Gautrain… A Bit Of A No No

Commuters on the dashing new Gautrain in Joburg were in for a little bit more than they bargained for when a group of people decided to pull their pants down... but it turns out that the pant droppers got a bit more than they bargained for in the end...

Each year for the past 10 years, a large group of people in New York, have pulled off a very well orchestrated pull your pants down and ride the subway in your boxers type mission, otherwise known as the "No Pants Subway Ride"... saying that, I can honestly say this happens everyday in London.... see cause here in the UK "pants" are underwear, and we all know how many of you lot love to go commando on the odd day... some more often than others... now this goes on every year in the big apple, the people do their thing, cause a few laughs and go on with the rest of their day, no questions asked. This however wasn't the case when a group of people in South Africa thought they'd get in on the Yankee action and do it on the dazzling Gautrain...

On Monday afternoon at around 3pm, about 100 people who'd got together on FaceBook, got on the Gautrain just like every other passenger. As the doors shut and the train started hauling ass out of Rhodesfield Station the group got up and dropped their pants as if they'd just arrived at the beach. All was in good spirits and they got a few laughs from the rest of the passengers... I can just imagine a few people tjooning, "Eish! I can't believe... they have stolen your pants!".. in other words, they got their kicks, however on the return trip back to Rhodesfield Station from Sandton Station, Gautrain Security were waiting in full force as if they'd just returned from training camp in North Korea... and this is where it gets quite funny...

The Gautrain Security "Enforcers" cuffed about 36 people  of the 100... the ones that didn't manage to leg it when the cuffs came out. They were taken to Kempton Park cop shop and spent about 3 hours in the chookie while the kerels decided what to do with them. At first they wanted to charge them with public indecency but then realised that they couldn't really do that since nobody was exactly flashing their junk around as the guys were all wearing boxers and the chicks were wearing shorts... shame, you've got to feel sorry for them hey, they don't have a beach in Joburg so they aren't used to much "beachwear". They were eventually let loose at their own free willy but the Bombela Gautrain "Enforcers" did still eggflip them with a R700 fine (ball dropped to R350 if paid within 30 days)... their charge.... wait for it.... wait for it... "Wearing the wrong clothes"... well fuck me people... seriously, with that in mind, make sure you are suited up to the max when you get on the Gautrain, you never know when "The Enforcers" might strike... might be a good idea to ask an "Enforcer" what the dress code is next time you by a ticket 🙂 

What a joke... unlike the rest of the world who embrace nakedness, where they even organise full on Naked Bike Rides in London... aswell as the rest of world, it seems certain people in SA still live back in the 50's where showing a bit of skin was more than just frowned upon.

Geeeeez I hope they washed their seats properly after that 🙂

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