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Ron Daniel X Factor Audition… no words…

Ok so I was down at the folks on the weekend and what do they do on a Saturday night around this time of year? Well they watch X-Factor ofcourse 🙂Now I don't normally watch these reality contest types... but this was just too funny.This dude is nothing like you've ever seen in the deepest darkest hole of Camden, seriously, I reckon the crazy looking dudes working at CyberDog in Camden would say, "What the f*** is that?" haha 🙂 but no seriously, there is being unique and being an individual but then there is also ridiculous and useless.Well meet Ron Daniel, apparently he is a he and he is 28, originally from Israel and his website is www. ...... hahaha 🙂httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ5KvOHg7VoNotice how all this dude wants to do is plug his website on TV, did he honestly think he'd get away with it... this shit ain't live man, the can edit it out of their recording or couldn't you think that far ahead.My favourite part is when Simon Cowell asks what he does.... his answer: " I on benefit and go to party"What an absolute loser! yes, yours and my taxes are supporting this useless waste of space... I don't mind people being themselves but what I do mind is someone who does nothing to support themselves, going against the system when its the system that is the hand these parasites live off.... (I will contain myself now)  🙂oh just in case you were really wondering, here is the dumbass' website...http://www.planetnana.co.il/punk69boy/

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