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SA Airlink Plane Crashes at George Airport in the Western Cape

At around 11am this morning an Airlink passenger plane had a bit of a tumble when it missed the runway at George Airport in the Western Cape, it went crashing through a security fence and then onto a major road where it came to standstill.

Its not entirely known what exactly happened and I'm no pilot but from the pic below it looked pretty misty, although saying that, pilots are able to land massive jumbos at Heathrow airport in very poor visibilty conditions, so I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

airlink crash

Apparently the pilot was trapped in the cockpit for nearly an hour before he could be rescued but it wasn't clear whether he was injured or not, however it looks like he would have got the biggest of the bump as the plane came down the bank slamming the nose onto the ground. Hopefully he's not gonna be in too much of a kakpit after this one.

George Traffic Chief, Kenny Africa said that all 35 passengers had been evacuated from the plane with only minor injuries.

Looks like some people have had a bit of a kak start to the week. Hopefully the passengers didn't forget to pack a spare pair of jocks in their bags because I'm sure I would have literally kaked myself EISH! 🙂


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