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SA Inflation Illustrated – Summer 2012 Edition [infographic]

Ever wondered how expensive South Africa really has become? Check out this illustrated comparison on items from 2002 and 2012... hectic!

You know, you've got to laugh, whenever someone returns from a holiday in South Africa, one topic of conversation will no doubt be of how expensive its got, and without fail the entire view of the economic situation in South Africa will be based on the current price of a Steers Burger... I shit you not, I've heard it a million times. I remember the days of jolling at PharSide (the club) and 54, paying a measly R6 for a Klippies and Coke... these days, you're probably paying that by the sip... hey I don't waste time when I dop, I gulp 🙂

Anyway, The Phreak sent me this a few days ago and my boy Savage posted it yesterday which reminded me to let you all in on whats going on... I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to be in for a bit of a shocker...

The following was published in Finweek (www.fintalk.co.za) a couple weeks ago and would you believe it, I'll give you one guess at what they opened the article up with... Well the price of a Steers burger of course 🙂

Take a look at this, I chopped it up a bit so its easier to read... basically it illustrates the price of certain items in 2002 compared to what they are now in 2012... bit of an eye opener to say the least...

A bit nuts don't you think?...Next time you speak to a mate back in SA, ask them how much they pay for their internet connection and what they get for it... trust me, you WILL make them cry when you tell them what you get and for how much... trust me I know 🙂

Gone are the days where you rocked up at Durban airport with nothing but an empty bag and a bank card, where you filled it up with new clothes and stuff by the time you left to head back to London... nowadays you buy everything in London and bring bugger all back... true story 🙂

I have got a solution to this whole problem though... if Steers keep their prices of their burgers down, nobody would be any the wiser 🙂

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