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SAA CEO Pulls The Eject Handle Mid Flight…

In just over a week after SAA started throwing heavy management staff overboard, it has been announced that CEO Siza Mzimela has also just pulled the handle on her ejector seat leaving SAA flying without a pilot... HAIBO!

It's no secret that South African Airways have been in a spot of poo financially for a little while now, and in just a week before its apparently quite delayed Annual General Meeting, CEO Siza Mzimela has tjooned, EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! or otherwise decided to resign.You see, that bit of financial turdom that I was talking about amounts to losses believed to be something in the region of R1.29 BILLION... something along the lines of SAA's liabilities exceeding its assets by around 359%... ja HAIBO! Please return your seat to the upright position and secure the tray in front of you...So I'm sure you can see now why she's decided to, in what can only be described as making a B line for the Emergency Exit... she didn't want to be parking in a room for of shareholders with her hands up tjooning, "aai dit wassie ekkie hoor!"... although obviously there's a lot more to the whole story that will surface as it continues, since the government plays a big part in the whole shebang.SAA hasn't had a lot of good press lately to be honest... you had the whole "not hiring White pilots saga" and then left quite a few Capetonian's feeling a bit miffed when they cancelled the direct flight between London and Cape Town forcing everyone to filter through Joburg... speaking of which... have I got some awesome news for you lot...[source: 2OceansVibe]

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